The antiques business changes constantly. What was hot a couple years ago, may not be so hot now. So what’s hot or, at least, selling well in 2008?

Sterling Silver

A quick view of eBay will tell you that sterling silver items are selling fairly well right now. The economy almost certainly has something to do with this and the fact that silver is way up compared to last year. In 2007, silver was just $13 an ounce. In June 2008, it’s now well over $17 an ounce, inching closer and closer to $18 an ounce. It’s sad to think that some lovely silver items, like heirloom silverware, trinkets, jewelry and other vintage and antique items with some history may be melted down instead of enjoyed for their antique value. Silver may go even higher as the economy continues to weaken, so look out for low priced heavy silver items at garage sales and flea markets.

Decorative Items

Interior decorators are using antiques more and more these days, driving prices higher and higher. Art deco furniture, lamps, chairs, desks and accessories are an old stalwart, always doing well. Empire, Victorian, Mission, gothic and French furniture and decorative items are also doing well. Keep an eye out for these types of furniture at estate sales especially. Mirrors, chandeliers and clocks are the most popular accessories.

Dolls and Toys

Antique and vintage dolls and toys are always popular, but seem more so right now, with new collectors coming into the market all the time. Included in this area are vintage video games and consoles. Especially popular are the rarer video game consoles and video game cartridges from the early 80’s. Keep an eye out for these at garage sales.