Vintage Brooches, Vintage Cufflinks & Jewelry Boxes

Lots of items just added to the store. Visit gallery #11 for lots of vintage brooches and pins including a stunning multi stone blue green brooch. Some nice vintage cufflinks, tie bars and some sets added to the men’s vintage jewelry area as well.

Authentic 1800’s Stagecoach Sold On Labor Day

At the recent Showtime Auction Services auction in Kansas City, an authentic 1800’s era stagecoach was sold for $94,400. The huge, 22 foot long stagecoach could carry 9 passengers as well as a driver.

How To Get A Good Appraisal

I’m asked often for help in identifying, pricing and researching antiques and collectibles. However, you’re really not going to get a good idea of the true value of your item without having a professional actually look at it. Pictures simply don’t tell you enough to make a real assessment. Check out this excellent article from PBS’s Antiques Roadshow about how to get a good appraisal for your antique or collectible.

Antiques Of Tomorrow – What are the future collectibles?

What are some possible antiques of tomorrow? Meaning, what can I buy now with the possibility of it becoming a genuine antique or collectible in 20, 30, 50 or more years? The BBC’s antiques expert Madeleine Marsh gives you a great list of possibilities in her future collectibles list. She says perfume bottles, handbags, toys, doll houses and Harry Potter and The Lord Of The Rings items will be future collectibles. What do you .

Art Market Booming – Paintings Going For Millions

Art market sales are surging worldwide thanks to interest from buyers in China and Russia. In just the first six months of 2006, Christie’s reports they made 2.1 billion dollars. Notable sales include the highest ever price paid for a painting, a Gustav Klimt portrait selling for $135 million. This recent JMW Turner watercolor on paper sold for nearly 11 million, a record price for a painting on paper.

The Best Online Antiques Price Guides

Lots of people ask me what the best antiques price guides are. There is no easy answer, as almost every specialty area of antiques have their own price guides. However, for general antiques reference, you can find some good information online, for free! IF you know where to look. Here are my favorite general, free, antiques online price guides, be sure to bookmark them!: Kovel’s Price Guides – You probably have one of their .

Charlie Chaplin’s Hat and Cane Recently Sold At Auction

The legendary silent film comedian’s trademark bowler hat and cane went for $139,250 at an auction June 25th. Other interesting items sold at the entertainment memorablia auction, at Bonham’s and Butterfields auction house in Los Angeles, included the two headed llama from the original 1967 Dr. Dolittle film with Rex Harrison. Here’s hoping both these items find their way to a museum to be enjoyed by classic film buffs.

Spotting Treasures At Garage Sales – The Ultimate Guide

Do a little research on the sales in the paper first. If the sale is being held in an upscale area, chances are good that they may have some antiques or other valuable items that they want to get rid of. Don’t underestimate other sales though, you never know what people might have. Some sales may turn out to be bust while others that didn’t sound good in the paper may be a boon. .

Clean Vintage Glass and Antique Porcelain Safely

Cleaning vintage glass and antique porcelain should be done with the utmost of care. Before you wash your porcelain piece you have to remove the dust and the dirt from it. For un-restored antique porcelain you can use a soft brush to remove the dirt and use a mild dishwashing liquid to wash it. Never ever use abrasive cleaners or put porcelain in your dishwasher. Never immerse your porcelain in water completely, it is .