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How to Date Vintage Costume Jewelry

The perfect jewelry compliments your style and amplifies your personality. Vintage jewelry is the icing on the cake. Dating jewelry comes so easy for some people. It’s so easy for them to identify a dealer trying to dupe them with fake jewelry. Maybe you just bought vintage jewelry from a yard sale, or your stylish auntie gave you jewelry for your birthday, how will you date it? How to date vintage jewelry doesn’t come .

World Longest Yard Sale – August 2-5

Popular with antique dealers, collectors and bargain hunters from all over the US, this year’s World’s Longest Yard Sale will happen on August 2nd through the 5th. The sale comprises goodies from thousands of individual sellers, homeowners and dealers that live or work along Highway 127. The sale runs a full 630 miles and runs through 5 states running from Kentucky to Alabama. Check out the map here. For those that miss the sale, .