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Researching SWANK Jewelry

Swank is one of the most well known and famous makers of cufflinks and tie accessories, and has been for many years. We carry quite a few men’s cufflinks and cufflink and tie bar sets for you to purchase, check them out here. The company that started Swank has actually been around since 1897, and Swank has been making jewelry and accessories since their earliest days, under different names. In 1908, they expanded their .

All About Swank Jewelry

Since we started selling vintage costume jewelry online, Swank brand jewelry is always among our top selling items. Swank was started in 1897 in Attleboro, MA as the Attleboro Manufacturing Co., and specialized in making and selling women’s jewelry. Not long after the start of production of women’s jewelry,  however, a massive fire destroyed the factory as well as an entire city block of Attleboro. Some jewelry as well as some machinery was saved .

Handy eBay and Shopping Tools

eBay is a great place to get bargains on antiques and collectibles, but it’s also easy to get scammed or pay too much. Here are some tools to help you dig for the best deals on eBay: AuctionSniper – It’s difficult to get a good price if you don’t use a sniping tool, since everybody else seems to be using one. AuctionSniper is my favorite! Very easy to use and effective and free! GetItNext .

Antiques Trends and Hot Antiques Buying Tips for 2008

The antiques business changes constantly. What was hot a couple years ago, may not be so hot now. So what’s hot or, at least, selling well in 2008? Sterling Silver A quick view of eBay will tell you that sterling silver items are selling fairly well right now. The economy almost certainly has something to do with this and the fact that silver is way up compared to last year. In 2007, silver was .

The Most Collectible Names In Vintage Costume Jewelry

Vintage costume jewelry has become a highly collectible niche in the antiques and collectibles world. Here are some of the most collectible names in vintage costume jewelry and some background on them. Weiss Created in 1942 by a former Coro company employee named Albert Weiss, Weiss has become one of the most popular and collectible names in vintage costume jewelry collecting. Weiss is synonymous with gorgeous and elegant rhinestone pieces including brooches, necklaces, bracelets .

World Longest Yard Sale – August 2-5

Popular with antique dealers, collectors and bargain hunters from all over the US, this year’s World’s Longest Yard Sale will happen on August 2nd through the 5th. The sale comprises goodies from thousands of individual sellers, homeowners and dealers that live or work along Highway 127. The sale runs a full 630 miles and runs through 5 states running from Kentucky to Alabama. Check out the map here. For those that miss the sale, .