eBay is a great place to get bargains on antiques and collectibles, but it’s also easy to get scammed or pay too much.

Here are some tools to help you dig for the best deals on eBay:

AuctionSniper – It’s difficult to get a good price if you don’t use a sniping tool, since everybody else seems to be using one. AuctionSniper is my favorite! Very easy to use and effective and free!

GetItNext – This is a fantastic search tool if you are looking for something specific and are sick of irrelevant results from eBay’s lackluster search tool.

RSSAuction – If you’re in the market for a very specific item, try this tool that will alert you to the latest items available according to your preferences. Very handy! You can also add it to your RSS reader or portal, like My Yahoo or iGoogle.

ShoeBoxed – This is a handy one, where you are provided with a free email address to use for eBay shopping and most other online shopping purchases. When you make a purchase, the receipt is emailed to your account and the site automatically organizes your receipts. Very handy if you plan to do Christmas shopping online, make those returns easy!

GoofBay – This tool helps you find misspelled auctions and auctions with poor grammar. Could be a real bargain finder.