Researching SWANK Jewelry

Swank is one of the most well known and famous makers of cufflinks and tie accessories, and has been for many years. We carry quite a few men’s cufflinks and cufflink and tie bar sets for you to purchase, check them out here.

The company that started Swank has actually been around since 1897, and Swank has been making jewelry and accessories since their earliest days, under different names. In 1908, they expanded their line of women’s jewelry, offering men’s jewelry and so began their reputation for cufflinks and tie related jewelry.  Note that Swank has also made jewelry for other companies and was sold under their names, including mega-famous designer brands like Guess, Anne Klein and Pierre Cardin.

How to tell if your jewelry is genuine Swank? Easy, you will find all Swank jewelry (except those marked by other designers) clearly marked with a Swank mark. The mark is quite simple, yet elegant, it has a distinct art deco feel with smooth curved letters and sleek, straight lines. Here is an example of the mark:


The mark has changed very little over the years, maybe more of a slight exaggeration in the letters or some slimmer letters but overall the same. Sometimes the mark will have lines above or below it or may even include a crown.

While the company has been making jewelry since the early 1900’s, the name Swank was not used until the late 1920’s and most jewelry you find these days that is clearly marked as Swank will be from the 50’s or 60’s. Most Swank jewelry is made of goldtone metal, and not of precious metals, but the quality in design and build is well known.

If you are researching Swank jewelry, please refer to this book, it is the only one that I know of that has a section specifically on Swank jewelry: 20th Century Costume Jewelry 1900-1980 : Identification & Value Guide, 2nd Edition

Swank was also known for making women’s jewelry at first, however, in the 1950’s, they expanded their lines of products and offered leather products like belts and wallets, gifts, fragrances, pens and even some clothing items.

However, Swank is most well known with costume jewelry collectors and cufflink collectors these days, with them responsible for making many millions of cufflinks and tie accessories.

Other popular names of cufflink and tie bar makers include Hickock and Anson.

Have any questions about Swank jewelry? Comment on this article and I will do my best to help you!

3 thoughts on “Researching SWANK Jewelry”

  1. Hi there, I just came across your wonderful blog while doing some research on different Swank marks. I have a mid-century tie clip that’s marked Swank and then in smaller letters “so”. Have you seen this before or have any idea what the “so” stands for? Thanks for any help you can offer.

  2. Hello, i came across a pair of necklaces that intertwine called the lovers neck chains they are in a brown felt case that say swank in gold letters if you have any information on them i would love to hear it! Thank you

  3. Hi,
    I have a pair of Swank cuff links from the early 1950’s.
    My sister and I wore them. Excellent condition. Silver and says “Swank” on them. They are the “face” ones. One is happy and one is sad. They don’t look exactly like the
    face links that are shown. They are 1″ and haven’t been worn in years. Thanks!


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